Handy Tips for Choosing a Portable Wood Shop Vacuum

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Working in a woodworking shop can be very dusty as well as cluttered with waste from many jobs done over time. Even a small job will accumulate waste. These wood shavings, sawdust, and wood chips can become problematic, so it is important to have a good vacuum that will deal with these issues. Depending on the size of the workshop will help to decide the type or size vacuum you will buy. A good vacuum system will help to keep your workroom clean, your tools motor free from being clogged as well as maintain a healthy environment for work.

There are some vacuum systems that will cover all the above-mentioned issues in your woodwork shop, however, if budget is an issue there are vacuums that can do these jobs, but with a bit more time to accomplish. Here are some tips that may help in your choice of vacuum for your shop.

Vacuums to Choose from

  • Full-scale Dust Collection Vacuum System
  • Portable Shop vacuum

Full-scale Dust Collection Vacuum System

With a full-scale dust collection vacuum system, the connection of hoses is adaptable to most if not all your tools within the shop. This is a very efficient system as it works while you work. Ensure though, the hoses are of compatible sizes to fit your tools in the shop to suck up all the waste, or you will have to buy an adaptation kit or accessory kit to do adjustments or retrofitting. This kind of vacuum is also able to clean the environment of dust particle which makes it easier to breathe. Many shops that use this comprehensive system are larger than a shop for hobbyists and have industrial work-spaces that are considerably larger.  Some smaller professionals may engage this full-scale dust collection vacuum system as it is that more efficient.

The Portable Shop Vacuum

A portable shop vacuum is workable for persons on a tight budget. Some persons may know it is referred to as a wet-dry vacuum, they are very versatile and will be able to do just about anything the full-scale vacuum is able to. They can eliminate wet or dry debris from your shop floor, and the very powerful ones are able to suck up small pieces of wood chips or chunks of wood from your floor.

Choosing a good portable shop vacuum is very important you know what to look for. If it is not powerful enough to clean debris from the woodwork shop floor, then, you have made a bad buy. Look for a vacuum that has a good CFM or cubic-feet-per-minute rating, and a good HP rating as well.  Check to see if the hose attached is able to suck-up all the different types of debris from the shop floor. If this is not so, you may want to also purchase an accessory kit to do some retrofitting. The connecting hose should also be able to adapt to all your shop tools for waste removal.

Ensure the portable shop vacuums’  base is sturdy enough to stay put and not move around when in operation. Some vacuum bases are top heavy and will be more problem to operate than you need. A good vacuum system for your shop also is one that has a built-in HEPA filtration system. This cleans the environment and lessens the dust in the room. If the unit you have chosen to purchase is noisy, you may want to use a pair of headphones to protect your ears. The other alternative is to ensure on purchasing you get one that is less noisy.

Doing your homework is very helpful when wanting to purchase a woodshop vacuum. Whether you choose a full-scale dust collection system or a portable shop vacuum, being informed is key. Ask other wood-work shop persons as to what is workable for them so as to be able to make informed choices.

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