How to Change a Spool on Weed Eater

One of the greatest and most useful tools for you to keep or maintain the cleanliness and beauty of your garden is a weed eater. Through the use of a specific type of weed eater, you can trim your yard and make around its edges very neatly. However, it is quite unfortunate to say that a plastic cording may only lasts longer in a spool prior to alter it.

If that happens to the tool that you are utilizing, it is essential to change or alter first the spool of its monofilament. Try to keep in touch on the succeeding discussions for these will be your guide on proper maintenance of string trimmer or weed eater that you have.

If you have the eagerness and perseverance to look for the proper ways and approaches on how to change a spool on the monofilament of your weed eater, then try to refer on the following lists and steps as your guide:

  1. If it is an electric type of weed eater, then you need to unplug it for safety purpose. If the model that you have is a gas trimmer type, then it is essential to get rid of the spark plug of it.
  2. Tilt the model or the unit so that you can properly have an easy access to the monofilament’s spool. Then, try to unscrew the cap based on the directions which were shown in the model of your tool. The next thing that you need to do is to pull off the spool from the weed eater. Clean first any debris or grass from its head if there is any.
  3. Unroll the replacement line of the weed eater from the spool of the replacement. It must be approximately 30 ft for great convenience and assurance that you can achieve best results. Also, you need to make sure that you have measured the correct diameter of your weed eater.
  4. Insert at least 1-inch of the line’s weed eater into the middle of your weed eater’s spool. Then, wrap the line of the weed eater snugly onto the spool of it. Make sure that you wrap it according to the direction of the spool’s arrow.
  5. Run the weed eater cord’s tail out through its feedhole. Put the spool of the monofilament back to the weed eater. Make sure that you put it back with 4-6 inches of tail that extends from the tool. Tighten the cap of it to make sure that it will be back in its place.
  6. Plug in the weed eater if it’s electric type or put the spark plug back on your weed eater if it’s a gas trimmer type. Then, you may now continue trimming grasses and weeds. You may probably need to tap its ground unit to properly feed it. If it does not, then, disconnect the source of your power and re-check if the line is feeding properly through its feed hole.

With these step-by-step procedures, you can now successfully change the spool of the weed eater’s monofilament and continue your gardening works for good. You will no longer find any difficulty in doing your gardening tasks since you have already the knowledge on how to maintain the longevity of your gardening tool – weed eater.

If you want more details and information about the proper and additional ways of prolonging the lifespan of your tool, then try to read more buying guide online. There are some online sites that provide great and useful information about this matter.

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