How to Choose the Best Weed Pulling and Removal Garden Tools

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Dealing with weeds in your garden is always a nightmare. They challenge even the best and most detailed gardener who enjoy working in their garden and ensuring they have the most attractive landscape. Weeds will cause you to do more work than needed, even under the best conditions. You will have done a course of weeding the day before, and the next day you find you have more than you had. This is because weeds live to be “a headache” of every gardener. Your only recourse is to find the best method to use in getting rid of most visible weeds, as you will not be able to get rid of all. Choosing the tool that works for you is very important.

There are many different types of gardening tools being sold for weeding, but your needs will differ from many of the tools you see being promoted. This means you will need to do some research, and you have to read more reviews in order to make informed choices.

Types of Weeding Tools of Choice

Because there are many different weeding tools being sold you only need to know the categories in which to be a guide. The categories are:

  • The short-handled weeder
  • The long handled weeder

So, within these two categories, you will have to use whatever you know will be workable for you.

Asking yourself a few questions like

  • Does this tool enable me to work comfortably?
  • Is it maneuverable for my height and size?
  • Will I be able to use this tool in all areas of my garden?
  • Is it usable for all types of weeds?
  • Will it retain its sharp edge after using or will I have to sharpen a lot?
  • Is the material it is made from durable and is there a warranty should I need on?

With the above questions answered, the next thing you need to know is the type of weeding tool you require based on the above questions you have asked yourself. Research also comes in handy, and so having a detailed resource is very important. After being informed, there are a few choice tools you may want to consider.

Weeding Tools

  • The Hori Hori or Japanese farming knife
  • The Fishtail weeder
  • The Dee weeder
  • The cape cod weeder

The Felix provides a wealth of information on most if not all weeding tools you may require or choose. They also have a wealth of information as to what to do to minimize the regrowth of weeds after you have done the job of removing most of them. Natural methods are more advised, and using mulch made of organic materials like; bark, straw, shredded leaves, and branches, all this you can get from your garden.The idea is to use the mulch over the ground surface and it will deter regrowth of weeds for a time. It is also a good way of naturally fertilizing your garden.

Whatever the choice of weed removal tool you use to ensure you cover all or most of your determining factors to what to buy. You may have to buy more than one tool, depending on the weed challenges you find.

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