how to Prepare Your Hot Tub for the Winter

Hot tub is an important addition in our homes. During winter many people take a break from using a hot tub. If you want your water tub to last for long one should take of it. One way is always keep hot tub clean. If water freezes after being left for long it can cause hot tub to crack. This is how one prepares hot tub for the winter.

1: Power turn off. The first thing one should do is make sure your water tub’s power and heater is off. This is so that maintenance can be done fully.

2: Rinse the hot tub: Rinsing it helps to remove body oils that has been building up affecting the jet and pipes.

3: Empty the hot tub: One should make sure all the water from the hot tub is removed. If water freezes after being left for long the hot tub cracks. It is very costly to repair a crack.

4: Drain the air blowers: Not all hot tubs have the air blowers. If yours have it. One should switch off power and remove the heater. Heater get damaged when it runs without water. Then switch on the power and let the hot tub run for about 30 seconds before switching the power off. This will remove all the water from air channels of the hot tub.

5: Degrease your filters: Remove all filters and their baskets. Use clean water to clean both filters and baskets.

6: Loosen fittings: One can open hot tub cabinet, look for pipes connected to pumps and loosen them. This helps in draining water in pipes.

7: Blow out the pipes: The remaining water from jet piping is removed by blowing end by air compressor. Do this from one jet to the other. Make sure all water from jet system is out.

8: Remove water: Remove water that that came from pipes while you were blowing them. Ensure the hot tub is completely dry. One can use shop-vac, sump pump or sponge.

9: Rinse and dry the hot tub: Clean the hot tub using hot tub cleaner and rinse it.

10: Cover the hot tub: You cannot get tired trying to prepare your hot bath just to leave it open. This the time you take your hot tub cover and cover your hot tub. This is to ensure anyone or anything does not get inside.

11: We are through: After covering the hot tub with the hot tub cover, you are now through with preparing your hot tub for the winter. You can now relax peacefully knowing you are ready for the winter.

Note carefully:  If you are not sure whether you want to prepare your hot tub for winter yourself. You can hire services from professionals. Most companies who offer the service gives guarantee that if the hot tub cracks due to winterization they will fix it for free. Damages that mostly affect hot tubs are caused by improper winterization. You must be extra careful when you decide to do winterization by yourself.

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