If We Can Accomplish Half of this….

… then we’ll be doing something right!

Here’s a nice article about a library (that started off much like ours) in Port Washington, Wisconsin, that provides a hell of a lot more than books.

This is precisely what I would like to see our little library evolve into—a place that serves the community and becomes a central part of people’s lives, be it for books, computer access, or a friendly face.

A half-century of good reading (Ozaukee Press, November 9, 2011)

Libraries are no longer buildings lined with shelves of musty books where people are hushed if they speak up. Today, they are vibrant centers of the community, alive with programs that range from book clubs to recipe clubs. They are filled not only with books, magazines and newspapers, but also DVDs, CDs and books on tape.

People can also check the Internet and work on computer projects at the library.

“Libraries are still relevant — very much so.”

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